Oh Come, Oh Come Immanuel

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Here’s an arrangement I wrote last year of Oh Come, Oh Come Immanuel.  I’m introducing it again, but earlier this year.  I could create the sheet music for it in a matter of a couple weeks if there is a demand for it.  I’d even throw the simple chords on it for if you play the guitar.  The thing I like about this one is it’s really easy and fun to play.  I think It’s my favorite of my original Christmas arrangements so far.  By the way, there’s still time for me to write some Christmas arrangements before December, so if you have a favorite Christmas song, let me know and I’ll make a piano solo version or piano/flute version, depending on the piece.

For a free MP3 download of this music visit chashathaway.com

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Oh Come, Oh Come Immanuel

I’ve always loved the song, Oh Come, Oh Come Immanuel.  To me it resonates the Passover cry that the Messiah might come.  I can picture the beginnings of the passover celebrations beginning, and the pleading prayer to God that the Messiah might come.

Then in the midst of those prayers, He came – quietly.  In fact His coming was so quiet that while He continued with them, their prayers and pleadings continued.  He dwelt among them, blessed them, taught them the true Gospel, fulfilled the law of Moses, yet their pleading continued.  Come Immanuel, come.

He healed them, suffered the atonement for them, and died for them.  He even rose from the dead for them, yet their pleadings continued.  Come Immanuel, come!

And for many, those prayers still continue today.

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  1. Oh, Chas–You’ve done it again. Beautiful. I, for one, would love to have the sheet music for this. This is also one of my favorite Christmas songs.

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